Things I learned about vista over the past few months: Vista Business (Version)

Currently I have been working on several new projects and in doing so, I have found myself doing things outside of how I am accustom to doing. Meaning I guess I just got to use to using Win XP Pro and all its glorious features. Ok, now let me go through just a few of my findings on two of the projects in which I had some issues. I had a client requesting for me to build them an application that would allow them to send out large amounts of email without utilizing there email server. So me having done this before thinks, sure no problem, just create something with a few text boxes and put the remaining specification in the config file after setting up a Virtual SMTP server (IIS). That was how it normal happened in the past, but nope not going to happen this way using any version of MS Vista as I found out. Vista does not supply this component for doing Virtual SMTP, long story short Windows Vista does not come with built in SMTP capabilities as is predecessor did good old Windows XP Pro. So I download and paid $100.00 for a third party SMTP server and configured my application to utilize it. Of course I billed the client back what I spent but in doing so I realized that I better not think that I can do what I use to using MS Vista without finding out first if it was included like it was with Windows XP Pro. Ok that was issue number one that I told you about, now lets get to the other issue. Issue two, had a client which deals in legal gambling ask me to create a application/ game for something new that have just created. Ok once again, I indicate without even thinking out no problem, submit my agreed upon contract fee and wait for for approval and get to work. Well once again I thought that I could just utilize the “card.dll” that comes with the operating system. Nope, no longer available and not included with Windows Vista. But this time I did not have to spend any money, just had to locate and download “card.dll”. So I thought I would write this quick post just in case any runs into this problem, which they have, just thought I would add my frustrations to the pool. Also so, so this would serve as a remembrance to me to remember that my development environment is now Vista and not Win XP Pro.