ANTS Profiler 3 (Dot Net User's Group, Colorado Springs, Ineta Event)

Public Speaking Event

Subject: ANTS Profiler 3 (Dot Net User's Group, Colorado Springs, Ineta Event)

Cost: $295.00 (Single license)

Date: May 2, 2007

I gave a public speaking on software product ANTS Profiler 3. The good folks over at Red-Gate gave me a demo license to demo there product. I must say that I had never heard of red-gate beforehand. I did not know that such tools were available for Dot NET. This tool is very unique in its ability to reduce testing times on Dot NET created application. The application identifies performance bottlenecks in any application on the dot NET framework. The application installs on Visual Studio as a plug-in. The application records the frequency and time it takes for each line of code to be executed, as you are using your application. The application then provides detailed results that will reveal the slowest lines of code and methods, allowing you to quickly identify performance bottlenecks and optimize your code/application accordingly.

Who should use ANTS Profiler?

Developers should use ANTS Profiler throughout the development process, so that they can be sure code is optimized

and will behave as expected. Technical testers also use ANTS Profiler to pin bugs down to a specific line of

code, or to determine scope for optimization.

Visual Studio integration

ANTS Profiler can be accessed directly from VS 2003/2005, allowing you to start profiling your code quicker, by simply clicking on the ANTS

menu item. ANTS Profiler is then launched automatically with the executable already set.

When should I use ANTS Profiler?

Use ANTS Profiler when your application is running slowly, when you think performance can be improved, or if you need

to understand how memory is being used by your application. If your application does not perform as expected, use ANTS

Profiler to help you understand how, and when, each piece of code is being called. Code can almost always be improved

through the use of ANTS Profiler.

Technical specifications

ANTS Profiler can run on developer machines or web servers.

Operating Requirements

Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn Beta

Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0

Internet Explorer 6+

128 MB RAM

15 MB hard disk space

How much does ANTS Profiler cost?

ANTS Profiler costs just $295 for a single user license. ANTS Profiler is also available in a Pro version, with additional

features such as fast mode performance profiling, memory profiling and profiling API, at $495 per user license.

Support and upgrade contracts are also available for 25% of the product's purchase price.