Microsoft UCP

Unified Communications Products (UCP)

Office Communicator 2007 (Released)
- Voice - Data - Video communication client
- 360 degree video conferencing system

Microsoft putting its software into Nortel Networks voice – over – IP Systems

*Some speculate Bill Gates stated PBX was dead. (Information week, Oct 22 2007)

Cisco Systems unified communication business grew 30% last year to $2 Billion, it dominates VoIP segment.

Microsoft new server is integrated with Outlook and office.

Offering these features: Click to Call
- E-mail
- Document

Interoperability hurdle:
1. Does not have all the features yet of business phone systems
2.Will only run on windows
- Office Communications Server
- Office Communicator

Gates say’s
“Ten years from now, when people think about telephony, they’ll see a movie and look at a desktop phone and think, Oh yeah, we used to have one of these.” (Information week, Oct 22 2007)