Latest Release Of The Linux

The latest release of the Linux Kernel emerged this month.

Kernel 2.6.23
- Coming just three months after the latest update

New Features Include:
- Virtualization support
- Scheduler J
- New Device Drivers
- Bug Fixes. And here is the rest of it

Some predict with the amount of changes being released every two or three months is a sign of accelerating kernel development.

- Linux cannot afford to fall behind technically

Virtualization Capabilities
- Embeded in Intel
- Embeded in Advanced Micro Devices processors

Linux – 16-year old open source project
Linux is coding at an avenge of 2,000 lines per day
What started in 1991 as a hobbist 10,250 lines of code is now more than 8 million lines
- Currently clocking at 86 lines of new code per hour
There were more than 1,500 bugs in the kernel’s Bugzilla database.
It’s become a very sophisticated act balancing between rapid development and complete code review (Dink Hohndel)