Colorado Springs User Group Meeting

First Tuesday of the month - Moving more resources to this location for community activity items. - Silverlight search engine demo site

Speaker: Dave Milner

  • sr. Software Engineer - Apollo
  • President - Deluk Solutions
  • Blog -
  • Co-leader - SCDNUG

Light up the Web with Microsoft Silverlight

Rich Interactive Application: Web and Desktop

The client side development with web and desktop have generally been apart

Four Categories of Silverlight

Silverlight is a Cross Platform, Cross Browser plug-in that renders XAML and exposes a programming model

Cross Platform: Runs in multiple OS's

Cross Browser: Any browser that can render Java script

XAML - Extensible Application Markup Language

  • Build WPF applications (client) - full range
  • Build Silverlight applications (web) - subset

New XAML Tools

  • Expressions - Designer (drawing)
  • Expression Blend 2 beta (manipulating Silverlight)
  • Expression Media Encoder (handle media)

Silverlight Deployment

Visual Studio 2005

Expression Blend 2 August Preview

Visual Studio Extensions for Silverlight

Getting Ready for 1.1 Development

  • Silverlight v1.1 Alpha SDK
  • Visual Studio 2008 Beta 1
  • Silverlight Tools Alpha for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 1
  • Expression Blend 2 August Preview
  • ASP.NET Futures

Demo 1

Silverlight.js - This file is attached to every Silverlight project, manages your Silverlight page, manages user experience.

Silverlight v1.0 - has no components available.

Expression Blend: Timeline - allowing the ability to create/record events on screen and capture.

Key Feature Comparison: 1.0 vs . 1.1

Differences between SL and WPF

MS Expression Media Encoder (May Preview)