Book Review: Community Server Quickly

Author: Anand Naraayanaswamy

Publisher: PACKT Publishing

Book: Community Server Quickly

This seems like one of those items that makes for a good read. Everything you read is something new. As you can tell I have never entertained this product before. But so far I am liking it. Community Server seems to give you the power to transform this software applications, very rapidly. Fully customizable out of the box, very nice, all the blogging features you can ever want , less dev time and still provides your users company branding. Some of us have this persona that blogging is not alive anymore, well I am here to tell you, blogging from a customer service and satisfaction scenario is wonderful, cutting time on those busy little bee's pecking away at quality, purchase this product and you are sure to reduce that QA staff. Now days companies spend way too much time worrying about retaining the customer, in which they should. This could play a vital role in retrieving customer feedback at a reduced cost. The possibilities seem limitless, what you could do with this product. This book does not provide any code though, but gives you a very good understanding of how to use and mange this product from start to finish from user and admin perspective. Note it provides licensing information as well, yes one of those quick read books that pack the power to fully make you appreciate this product.