ASP/.NET Component: myLittleWriter

This is a great little tool I ran accross while surfing the web short for web-Based Tools for SQL Server Professional. It seems to be a great little sweet for managing your SQL Databases from the web. These types of tools are cool due to the fact that they allow you the ability to manage your client's stuff from the web. Meaning, if you are like me you hate to VPC to others networks. It is just so much cleaner to connect via web, without those additional protocals. This tool seems to be great. Did not look into any details as far as cost, but they have a demo version and they provide a good demo to show you around. I think this tool would be great for administrating your personal or small business web site database that you go through a online hosting company. We all no that generally it is a headache to do, even though most offer these types of tools, but not being this intuative. The sweet offers three different tools, but only two caught my eye.

Tools Offers:

myLittleAdmin for SQL Server 2005

  • Web-based application
  • Easy installation
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Server and Database objects management
  • Database content management
  • Powerful tools and wizards
  • Multi-language support
  • Skinnable interface
  • And more...


ASP/.NET Components: myLittleWriter

Offers create RTF files on the fly, you can use in your ASP.NET pages. Can open generated files with almost all word processor software.

page formatting including page size, margins...

font formatting including font name, size, color...

multi header and footer field insertion including page count, page number, date, file size, file name...

table insertion image insertion JPG and PNG format are supported

HTML-formatted text insertion a lot of tags like <B>, <I>, <BR>, are supported

HTML file insertion list insertion, both numbered and bulleted

sections columns