WPF site and DotNet Search Engines

I ran across a couple of sites that were pretty interesting this weekend.

The first, WPF

This site is dedicate to providing crash course 10 min videos on getting up and running with WPF.

Current video listings:

01 - "Let Me Wow You With Blend"

02 - Control Customization

03 - DataBinding and DataTemplates

04 - Animations in WPF

05 - Designer + Developer Integration

06 - New Controls in WPF (Part 1)

This is a great site if you would like to see WPF in action or want to get up to speed on WPF very quickly on some of its capabilities.

The second, Dot Search Engines

SearchDotNet is based on Google Custom Search technology to search .NET related sites and forums to help make searches more effective, while filtering out unrelated or duplicate content.


Other DotNET search engines