Visual Studio – Code Name: Orcas – March 2007 CPT

Microsoft has now released its latest build of Visual Studio (Orcas CPT) with most of the new features that will be in the final release of the product. You can download this latetest release @

Microsoft provided two options for downloading

  1. Virtual PC image (recommended)
  2. Self installer, executable

There are two options for using Virtual PC

  1. Team Foundation Server (6.3 GB)
  2. Other without Team Foundation Server (4.5)


    **OS options (guest OS: Server 2003, Win XP, Vista - installer 4.6 GB)

    1. Server 2003 (1.2 GB)

Highlights of this release include

Support for Language Integrated Query (LINQ) in both VB and C#. LINQ provides the ability to work with enumerable data using statements you would normally use in a SQL query.

    Example: String CustNames = From c in dbCustomers {

             Select c.Name_

            Where c.LName = "Brown" ;


        **Note: IntelliSense support is available for help!!

I will not mention Cider (WPF designer) due to the fact that it does not provide support for C# in this release. Cider provides the ability to wire up events just as you would in a Windows Form.

Support for Vista User Access Control (UAC)

MSDN Library includes samples code for "LINQ"

**Note: If you are preparing for the future then I should not have to tell you this is a must download and review for you, unless you are in corporate America and will probably not even get the chance to work with LINQ for another two or three years after final release.